Founded in 2014 by designer Eleanor Catherine Davenport and programmer Shaun Overton, Sollertia Station is a registered non-profit organisation that develops and publishes free-to-use closed-source science fiction themed software. Although Sollertia Station is a small organisation, we are a very prominent entity in science fiction fandom. We have established connections throughout the world and maintain a permanent presence in three continents: Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Although a relatively young organisation, the people involved have been actively working as an informal group developing our flagship project, the LCARS 47 Development Project which has gained global recognition. We have been critically acclaimed not only by our demographic but also leading industry professionals for our contributions both the science fiction community, and the entertainment industry itself.

Sollertia Station is a dedicated to creating a safe science fiction community through innovative software. Sollertia Station is a private company, limited by guarantee with no share capital (PRI/LBG/NSC). Registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 09004859.

Eleanor C. Davenport
Shaun Overton
Charter Members
Greig Isles
Lee Byrne