The Cheyenne Development Project

  • Chevron 7 is… LOCKED

Recently, Sollertia Station expanded into the Stargate universe in effort to revive a long standing project known as the SGCSim. This project had been inactive for a while, but we thought it deserved reviving and given a modern overhaul. Fans of the Stargate franchise were happy to hear that their favourite Stargate simulator was being put back into active development and more so that Sollertia Station were responsible for doing so.

Rebranded as Project Cheyenne (The Cheyenne Development Project), we intend to rebuild the entire software package, utilising ideas and programming techniques from its predecessor while making full use of the latest technological innovations.

  • The Reason Behind the Continuation

Nearly ten years ago, Sollertia Station Director, Eleanor Davenport was introduced to the SGCSim by a friend. She was in awe of the simulator and it's level of complexity and its convincing recreation of the Dialling Computer at the SGC. As a Star Trek fan, she was disappointed that no such thing existed for the Star Trek universe. Ultimately, this lead her to begin experimenting with software that eventually became LCARS 47, our flagship project. Our organisation, and the work we do owes its beginnings to the inspiration provided by the original SGCSim. When we learned that the original SGCSim project had become inactive, Eleanor felt duty bound and responsible for saving it so others could continue to enjoy its legacy.

  • Download the Latest Version (Legacy)

  • The Legacy Remains So

While the continued development of Cheyenne is of paramount importance, we vow to make sure that the original version of the SGCSim remains free and available for all to enjoy. In fact, this was a condition we agreed to when the project was handed over to us. We have decided that the original version of the SGCSim will continue to be available in its original condition alongside the future versions we develop under the Cheyenne brand for as long as our organisation exists.

  • SGCSim: Legacy Edition

  • Brand New Gate: Cheyenne

  • The Full 39 Glyphs and Known Point of Origin Glyphs Redone for the New Gate Asset

  • Linguistics Database

Thanks to Greig, our linguistics expert here at Sollertia Station, Cheyenne is going to receive a comprehensive language database that would make Dr Daniel Jackson proud. Lucky for us, Greig can read most (if not all) languages seen in Stargate. Looking forward to learning Ancient (pictured below)? How about brushing up your written Goa'uld. This is just one of the additions, but we think you'll agree that it's also one of the most exciting.

  • Cheyenne Concept UI