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Sollertia Station is perhaps best known as the developers of the LCARS 47 Development Project, a pioneering and faithful recreation of the Federation Computer from Star Trek. Since 2014, LCARS 47 itself has over 300,000 users worldwide and a growing fan base all of its own. LCARS 47 is now undoubtedly, a household name among Star Trek fans.

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LCARS 47 is the only canon accurate, totally immersive customizable LCARS software available. There is no other application that approaches the quality or completeness of LCARS 47. LCARS 47 is perfect for display and public performance, for use at conventions, and the ultimate solution for LCARS animations in fan film productions. It can be fully customized to display your own ship class, name and registry and more. You can even add your personal crew roster to the database. Control LCARS 47 with your voice and touch screen and interact with friends as though you were really inside the Star Trek universe.

Although LCARS 47 is 100% freeware, we pride ourselves by our unmatched quality. We get a real thrill out of doing our work and love seeing LCARS 47 in fan films, conventions and recently, as part of the cover of the Star Trek novel, The Lost Era: "One Constant Star". We're touched by the support of Star Trek fans and the wonderful people who inspired us in the first place.

  • LCARS 47 • Development: Panel App Demo

  • Intrepid Class Master Systems Monitor

  • Starfleet Database: Borg Tactical Cube

  • LCARS 47 is More than Just a Project, It’s a Brand

  • Greig (Project Linguist) with the LCARS 47 Interactive Console

  • Juanitia (left) Introduces her Friend to LCARS 47

  • It’s About the Community

Since its beginnings in early 2009, LCARS 47 has grown into one of the most successful and talked about projects based on Star Trek. It's used all over the world and enjoys a loyal following. We are very proud to call LCARS 47 our flagship project and we are even more proud at the community that's developed around it. 

If you'd like to know more about LCARS 47, please feel free to contact us. We always welcome feedback and comments from our userbase.