Full Legal Notice

1. Definitions

  • “We” and “Us” refers to Sollertia Station, also referred to as “the Organization”
  • “You” refers to the end user.
  • “Products” refers to any software products provided by Sollertia Station. This includes application packages, standalone program executables, screensavers, and the material that accompanies them.
  • “Services” refers to additional services provided by Sollertia Station. This includes but is not limited to user account registration, user account handling, User Generated Content file storage and processing.
  • “Projects” refers to a Product development project.
  • “Content” refers to any non-independent files or media. Examples include files intended for use in conjunction with third party applications.
  • “UGC” refers to User Generated Content—the content developed by the end user of our Products, for use with our Products.
  • “SDK” refers to Software Development Kits, which are used by the end user to create User Generated Content for use with our Products.
  • “Content Repositor(y/ies)” refers to our official UGC distribution network(s).

2. Limited Liability

The Products, Services, and Content provided by Sollertia Station and all related content are distributed as is. We make no warranty for the functionality and suitability thereto nor can we be held responsible for any damage and/or loss of data, or business resulting from the use of any our Products, Services, or Content. You may download our Products and/or Content and use as many copies of them on as many machines as you like, so long as you have permission to use our Products or Content, or you own the computer(s) of which you use our Products or Content.

3. Permissions and Rights of Use

3.1 Distribution

No part of our Products, Content, or Services may be exploited for monetary gain. This includes hosting our Products or Content on “pay-to-download” sites, linking to our Products, Content, or Services using ad-focused URL redirects, sites that target the user with popups or popunders, or any other website where the person who uploaded the file receives any kind of financial gain for doing so. Our Products may only be redistributed in the form of its original unaltered package. Our Products or Content may not be offered through the use of a download manager where a user has to download a third party application to enable them to then access our Products or Content. This is to ensure files aren’t altered to contain malicious code or exploited for commercial gain (referral links, and spamvertising). If you downloaded our Products or Content outside SollertiaStation.org, LCARS47.com, or LCARS47.net, or authorised domains, you use it at your own risk. Additionally, all of our software carries a valid digital signature signed as Sollertia Station. We do not recommend using any of our software that lacks our valid digital signature, as it may have been modified by a third party.

3.2 Modification

No part of our Products or Content may be reverse engineered, decompiled, or modified in any way. This includes the installer, the program executables and any non-user-customizable files. Furthermore, none of our software may be ported to a platform of which it was not officially released. All of our Projects are under active development and as such, the source code is not publicly available.

3.3 Usage

You may use our Products and Content in fan films/series that are published non-commercially. You may also use and display our Products and Content at conventions, gatherings, and public or private events either on standalone monitors or as part of a constructed set piece, so long as we are credited as the creators of the Products and Content and that you make a reasonable effort to show that you are not affiliated with, connected to, or licensed by Us.

3.4 User Generated Content

At some point in the future, we may make available Software Development Kits. You may use the Software Development Kits to create new content for use within our Products. At no time may you claim that anything you create is in any way official, sponsored, or endorsed by Sollertia Station. You may freely share your creations with other users so long as any work you share remains free. You may not charge a fee for accessing your User Generated Content (UGC). UGC may only be used in conjunction with our Products. Assets and stock components may not be taken from the Software Development Kits and used outside their associated Product. By publishing any UGC through any of our Content Repositories, you grant us exclusive, irrevocable right to transmit, adapt, modify, perform, and include any UGC within our official Product distribution channels and as part of our official Products.  UGC made available through any of our Content Repositories is provided as-is. Although we apply rigorous quality controls before authorising its distribution, we cannot be held responsible for the content provided or for any disruption caused by the use of UGC.

4. Sollertia Station Legal Notice

Sollertia Station, the tagline “Fandom Programmed”, the Sollertia Station Spacestation logo and the Double-S logo are trademarks of Sollertia Station. Sollertia Station Limited (PRI/LBG/NSC) is a nonprofit organization registered, in the United Kingdom. Company number: 09004859. All the people that have work at Sollertia Station are volunteers and do so without financial compensation. However, the financial overhead of this project have been funded by Sollertia Station and by ourselves.

5. Third Party Legal Disclaimer

Star Trek and related marks are registered trademarks of CBS® / PARAMOUNT® PLC. The LCARS 47 Development Project is solely intended to promote the Star Trek franchise and for the enjoyment of fans. Original LCARS design credit: Mike Okuda, Doug Drexler. The LCARS 47 suite contains code from LCARSDeveloper.com and used in conjunction with the license found there. LCARS 47, the name, and brand as such, including the Stylized Delta Shield are service marks of Sollertia Station. The colours used in LCARS 47 user interfaces that forms the image of LCARS 47 are trademarks of Sollertia Station. “Ex Scientia Pulchritudo” is a trademark of Sollertia Station. Sollertia Station is not affiliated with CBS® / PARAMOUNT® PLC or its agents.

Stargate and related marks are trademarks of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios® Incorporated. Project Cheyenne / The Cheyenne Project is produced with the purpose of promoting the Stargate franchise. Sollertia Station is not affiliated with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios® Incorporated or its agents. SGCSim was originally published by Jason Cox and subsequently acquired by Sollertia Station for archival purposes. Original properties within the SGCSim are property of, and used with permission of Jason Cox.

Valve, Steam, Portal, Left4Dead, and related marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve® Corporation. Sollertia Station is not affiliated with Valve Corporation or Turtle Rock Studios.

Adobe, Macromedia, Flash and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe® Systems Incorporated.

Microsoft®, Windows®, .NET™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

Android and the Google Play Store are trademarks of Google Incorporated.

All other marks are property of their respective owners.

This document was last modified: 25 February 2015.