Non-core Projects

Fandom Programmed

As well as our core projects, we sometimes find time to publish works based on other franchises. Here’s some of our most most popular stuff. Since the content on this page is done in our free time, it’s provided as-is and we offer no support regarding its use.
The following are screensavers designed for use with LCARS 47 although they can be used separately.


The following are screensavers inspired by the video game franchise Portal and Portal 2. Due to their popularity, we will be doing screensavers for other games too.

Left4Dead 2

These are from Eleanor's personal content collection. They are game modifications, specfically re-textures for the core game Left4Dead 2. They can be installed via the Steam Workshop.
The following are other items that don't fit into the above categories. They include incomplete works and betas.