Privacy Policy

The Site

While you are using our site, we collect certain information about your visit which includes what browser you use, operating system, Flash version, screen resolution and color depth. We use this information to make sure we can continue to deliver the best possible experience for you while you’re here and also to continue developing the best software possible. Here’s what we’re most interested in and why it’s useful to us.


We like to know what browser our users use so we can better optimize the website.

Operating System

We like to monitor the popularity of other operating systems to work out whether it would be worth opening up project development to other platforms.

Flash Version

This is one of the most important bits of information we collect. This helps us decide whether or not to to make our online Flash content backwards compatible and if so, how far back we need to go to make sure you all have no problems with it. For example the oldest Flash version we’ve seen in the month of July 2012 is 10.3 (d180).

Screen Resolution

This is used more in regards to developing our core projects. This way, we know roughly what screen resolutions our users use and helps us optimize our software for as many screen resolutions as possible. We currently have a larger number of people using widescreen monitors, which tells us to focus more on widescreen applications, and that further developments should probably adopt a widescreen resolution. However, we also see a few people using standard aspect ratios, which reminds us that we should still support 4:3 ratios.

Colour Depth

We also monitor the most common colour depths used. We like to see that you all have a full color experience with the website and subsequently the software we provide.

Language and Location

We like to know what countries our software is being used in and what language our users prefer. Currently, our software seems to be more popular in Germany than in the United Kingdom. So now, we know that we should brush up on our German.

Advertising and Tracking Cookies

Some portions of our websites have advertising to help fund our projects. This keeps our software free. Advertising is managed through Google AdSense and as such, incorporates their DoubleClick behavioural advertising technology to make the advertising more appropriate to your interests. For more information about DoubleClick, click here. To opt out of DoubleClick, click here (EU users can use this form). Chrome users can click here and permanently opt out.

Google Analytics

All of these metrics are powered by Google Analytics and the full terms and privacy statement can be found here. If you wish us not to collect this information, you’re more than welcome to opt out here.

Details that You Share with Us Directly

Sometimes, you may wish to contact us, send us photographs or videos of you using our software or other creative works you’ve accomplished. The following governs how we use, store and who sees the personal information that you share with us. You are not obligated to share anything with us.

Email Privacy

Whenever you send us an email, we see your email address (so we can reply to you). We will never give your email address to anyone else. We will not sell your email address or any of your personal information nor will we use it to send you any further communication, unless you have indicated that you would like a response. In certain circumstances, we may be required by law to pass on your details to the authorities (as are all websites). In which case, we will only do so with a valid court order from a British or European High Court ONLY. We reserve the right to publish anonymised content sent to us in any email at our discretion. 

User Content Submissions

We love to see photos and videos of users posing with our software and would be honoured to display them in our galleries. We will however, only do this with your express permission. We do not accept photos of children and/or people who have not explicitly consented to their photograph being displayed in our galleries. For more information regarding User Generated Content, please see our Full Legal Notice.

Social Media Interaction

We maintain several social media accounts and pages, and as a result, when you click ‘Like’ on that page, or interact with us, people can see your name and profile, depending on your  privacy settings (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Please be aware that we cannot control your data security outside our websites and services and we therefore advise you to set up your privacy to whatever levels make you feel comfortable. We are also not responsible for third party content provided outside our websites, services, or software.